Profresh Friday Picks

Happy, happy Friday!!! WooOOoo, the positive energy is SO real right now! I am feeling an amazing rush through my body this morning and it is most likely due to my workout! Anyway, I am here to bring you the first set of #profreshfridaypicks – something I will do every single Friday the month of February! I am PUMPED to share today’s picks because…well let’s find out why!

Yesterday, I published a NYC guide and couldn’t help but to notice I wore the same outerwear pretty much every single day during the trip. I asked myself, “Why? Why did I wear the same coat and scarf in every picture?” Well, the truth is, I only had two coats and one scarf to choose from. I tried my best to not overpack so my outerwear was pretty #basic.

I’ve said this once or twice before but basic doesn’t have to be boring. Remember, I don’t compromise the stylish factor. I believe you can have a basic essential, but in the end, can be super stylish. I don’t even know if that makes sense so let’s get this thing started!

You already know I have a thing for all blush things, so naturally, my main staples were my favorite color!


Coat | Scarf | Backpack

If you are digging the coat then this is the perfect time to buy! It is just under $70 (30% off) and many sizes are still available! The second pick for today is the perfect pink blanket scarf (also included in the V-day gift guide for her). Ladies/guys, it is currently $11, price displays at $21 but you actually get an extra 50% at checkout! Perfect gift for yourself (you, lady) or significant other. Last but not least, the adorable faux snakeskin backpack. I am not going to lie, I thought this came in a bigger size and was a little surprised when I opened it. I ended up embracing it because I could still fit all of my essentials – and that’s what matters most to me. Spice up any spring outfit with this baby and you are set! Oh yeah, also on sale!


Will share more about each pick later this evening on my IG stories so stay tuned. Hope you have a lovely day and weekend!


Ps. If you like this coat, click here to check out an entire list of other blush coats I scouted just for you!

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