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Cheers to the weekend! Hope you are off to a great start! As you probably noticed this morning on IG stories, I am spending the weekend in College Station for a special little girl’s birthday party – so excited because it’ll be my first time at a jumping-thingy place. Anyway, you may or may not know what I’m talking about and that’s okay, haha! Let’s move on to today’s profresh friday picks…

IMG_8326_Facetune_19-08-2019-12-29-43 2IMG_8324_Facetune_19-08-2019-12-27-46 2Blouse

This little number caught my attention because of the design, colors, and fit! A versatile option for this upcoming season. I styled it jeans and my all-time favorite studded booties.

IMG_8334_Facetune_19-08-2019-12-37-26 2IMG_8335_Facetune_19-08-2019-12-37-47 2

Every time I wear these booties around this time of the year, people always stop and ask where I purchased them from. And to all of my new readers, I purchased them about six years ago at Forever21. I’ve had to replace the heel a few times (so hard to let go) so I think they turned out to be great quality – I mean considering where I purchased them.

Below I linked similar blouses and booties. Hope you love them as much as I did while selecting them.

I wish you a weekend full of happiness, peace, and love! If you have any questions about this outfit, feel free to shoot me a msg on IG or email at – as always, I love connecting with you! Thank you for reading this blog post!


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