Profresh Friday Picks

Happy, happy Friday! Hope you’re having an amazing day so far! I’ll be spending the day with my cousin and her little one by the pool. I am looking forward to açaí bowls and girl talk <3 Also, I realized there is a limited amount of time before we cannot dip in the pool so I am taking full advantage of this weather while it lasts.

As promised, here is this week’s #profreshfridaypicks…

IMG_8254_Facetune_16-08-2019-15-11-13IMG_8256_Facetune_16-08-2019-15-11-35IMG_8260_Facetune_16-08-2019-15-12-40IMG_8258_Facetune_16-08-2019-15-11-49IMG_8262_Facetune_16-08-2019-15-13-47IMG_8259_Facetune_16-08-2019-15-12-07Dress | Heels

The fabric, fit, and style of this dress is truly unbelievable for its price. It is the perfect piece to wear to the office during fall/winter – sooo many cute ways to style it too. I’ve styled it with my current favorite black heels but I can definitely see myself wearing it with booties (or over-the-knee boots) on the weekend. It comes in another pretty blue blush color that’s  ideal for the next spring season. For reference, I am wearing a small.

By the way, these black heels have replaced by nude sandal heels. I wore those nude heels until they had no life in them, literally. It was getting a little embarrassing so I had to replace them, haha! Anyway, since they’re officially sold out, I couldn’t replace them in the exact style and designer (boohoo). I found these black ones and love them so far. I had to break them in before they became comfortable but now I don’t have any complaints. I sized up half a size.

 That’s a wrap for today! If you have any questions about these items, just shoot me an email at or dm me on IG. Have a lovely weekend!!!


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