Houston’s Self-Serving Wine Bar: Roots

Self-Serving Wine Bar Roots

Where are my wine lovers at?!? Or perhaps you’ve never had wine and don’t know where to start? Today, on ze blog, I am sharing all about Houston’s self-serving wine bar, Roots.

Roots is Houston’s first self-serving wine bar. It is located in East Downtown, relatively close to other new neighborhood restaurants. We finally had the chance to visit this past weekend and loved the entire concept!

Roots offers a unique experience by letting you try the wine before committing to a full serving, or purchasing a bottle of wine, using automated wine dispensing machines. They offer 50+ wines on tap and you have the option to choose between 1 oz., 3 oz., and 5 oz. servings, which is pretty freaking cool because if you find something you love, you can purchase the bottle to enjoy while dining in, or take it home.

To start your experience, you’ll begin by checking in, which means you will leave a credit card at the front desk and they’ll give you a card that is to be used at the wine dispensing machines. After browsing through your options, decide which wine to try first. You’ll insert the card into the slot, position glass under the spout, press the button for a serving, and voila! Swirl, smell, sip, and repeat.

Don’t forget to remove your card from the wine dispensing machine 😉

Self-Serving Wine Bar Roots
Self-Serving Wine Bar Roots

I love their adorable outdoor patio! Also, their indoor seating is quite spacious. Roots is the perfect space to lounge and hang out with the lover, family, or friends.

Self-Serving Wine Bar Roots
Self-Serving Wine Bar Roots
Self-Serving Wine Bar Roots

Whenever we visited, their kitchen was closed so we missed out on that. However, as soon as I try their food, I’ll update this blog post. If you would like to see their menu, click here. Also, if you are pregnant, or nursing, no worries. They serve non-alcoholic wine 😉

I am excited to go back to try other types of wines since the first time I stuck mainly to rosés. To read my reviews about each glass of rosé, head over to my latest Instagram post 😉 Jose did his part and provided his comments too, haha.

Well, that is all I have for today! If you have any questions about Roots, or our experience, you already know to send those questions over to sonia@mrsprofresh.com. You can also send a DM on Instagram, or comment below on this blog post. Hope you have a lovely rest of the day!


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