Fresh Friday Finds: Straw Tote Handbags Under $40

Straw Tote Handbags

Today, on ze blog, I am sharing straw tote handbags under $40! Can’t wait to place my order for one of these babies to take with me on my next vacation!

Fresh Friday Finds:

Below is a breakdown for each pick, two of which are made from straw material, and the other two are made from straw-like material.

Number 1 – It’s no secret, most of us love round handbags, especially for summertime! I would like to see this one in person so I may hunt it down so I can see its quality up-close. However, I don’t think it will be necessary because it’s by Universal Thread and they typically nail it down on their quality, which is why I included this handbag in the first place. Anyway, if you love the round handbag trend, this baby is only $40!

Number 2 & 5 – This beautiful handbag comes in two colors, black and natural, which are displayed on the collage. Can you believe a handbag of this style and size is only $35?!? Such a steal!

Number 3 – I purchased a very similar bag like this one from the same place for my mama a few years ago. If they maintained the same quality, this one is superb compared to its price of only $35, not surprising it has great reviews!

Number 4 – Last, but not least, this adorable natural and white woven pattern tote. It’s the epitome of “Hey, I am ready for vacation!”

That’s a wrap on today’s fresh Friday finds – straw tote handbags under $40! If you ANY questions, please send them my way to You can also send a DM on Instagram or comment below on this blog post. I wish you a lovely weekend.

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