At Home Pedicure Essentials

Since salons are currently closed, ya’ girl had to figure out an at home pedicure essentials thing. And let me tell ya’, it did NOT go well at first.

First of all, let me preface this by saying, I suck at painting my nails. Like, truly, truly suck at it. I wish I knew how to paint my own nails, cut my cuticles, file, etc. It takes so much energy, I always make a mess, and usually end up removing the nail polish because of my terrible job.

Having said that, I am not pretending I know it all, lol! However, I have learned about a few key essentials to help take care of my feet, specifically during quarantine. (Because let’s be real, I wouldn’t be worrying about doing my own pedicure at home otherwise.)

A few weeks ago, I bought a foot file thinking I was going to help smooth out the feet. And boy, oh boy, did I scrub. Anyway, I was seriously embarrassed but what can you do, right?!? After all, no one is looking at them during this time. Truth of the matter is, I hate not having smooth feet so I was determined on figuring this out.

And so I did.

I went to the grocery store and grabbed a few products I thought would be my saving grace

Products Review: The products worked!

I posted one of the products on my IG stories Sunday night and thought it could probably be helpful to share exactly the steps I took to help other sisters out who could use the help in this department.

I recommend to do this at night just before going to bed. Therefore, the feet are rested and unbothered for a few hours.

At some point during your shower, take a pumice stone (I prefer the spongeable ones) and gently scrub in circular motions in the areas needed. If you have foot scrub, great. If you don’t, simply use body soap and water to create a little foam. I scrubbed for about 2 – 3 minutes each foot. Once you’re out of the shower, take care of those cuticles. Push the cuticles down and gently remove the excess. (Learn from my mistake and don’t overdo, or overthink, this part.) Once that’s done, it’s time for the foot mask.

I bought two different brands (Aveeno and Amopé) to compare the results. So far, I have yet to try the Amopé foot mask, but once I do, I will update this blog post. I wanted to give the Aveeno foot mask a real shot by waiting at least one week before applying another foot mask. I mean, I guess the point is to have smooth feet for at least a while, right?!? Anyway, the time limit is between 10 to 20 minutes depending on which foot mask you decide to try, but if you can do 30 minutes, do it.

I felt immediate results with the Aveeno foot mask – so soft and smooth. (Ever gotten the wax foot mask before? That’s how smooth my feet felt. Either they were really messed up, or it has been too long since my last appointment, but it worked!) After removing the foot mask, I rubbed vitamin E oil all over the feet. I took advantage by giving myself a foot massage too. (Why does this sound like an opportunity for our significant others though?!? Jose – you’re in for a real treat next time.)

Once those steps are completed, it is time for your beauty rest. Let the vitamin E oil seep into the feet and regenerate them while you get your beauty sleep. It’s a win-win situation!

I just started using Jason vitamin E oil on the neck area at night. (I am having mixed feelings about applying it on my face because it’s super thick and can clog the pores.) Due to its thickness, I liked the idea of applying this oil on the feet to nourish and deeply moisturize them. And so far, I like the results.


If you decide to try this at home pedicure suggestion, I’d love to know your feedback. Please don’t hesitate on reaching out for any questions either! You can always reach out through IG stories or by email at

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  1. You’ve inspired me again! I’m going to try the Aveeno foot mask soon. Thanks Shirley! Miss that time we had at Sintex. 😘

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