Turn Your Photos to Canvas

This blog post is long overdue, but better late than never, right?!? I am giving you the scoop on the place we chose to have our engagement photos turned to canvases.

I forgot which business we looked into first for the job, but it was a not cheap, so we started researching different options. We came across Easy Canvas Prints and learned they were located in Austin, TX. Although they were located in Texas, I was still very skeptical about their quality because their prices were heavily discounted compared to their competitors. But since they had over 1,000 positive reviews on Facebook, we decided to give them a try anyway.

Details on out Canvases:

Turned out our canvases didn’t look too shabby after all! In fact, I was very impressed. I’ve seen other canvases, and most appear pixelated, or a bit blurry.

Canvas Engagement Photos

We ordered multiple 8″ x 8″ canvases and one 30″ x 40″. I wanted to give a few away to our parents and grandparents, which turned out to be a great idea. They loved them! Before giving them away though, I used them as part of my bridal shower decorations. And currently, we have four small canvases hanging in our home. (We have yet to find a place for the big photo, which by the way I’ll share tonight on my Instagram stories.)

I plan to order a few large ones again (but for my parents this time). I feel bad not gifting them a large one (per my mom’s request) and it has been almost three years since the wedding, LOL! Mom, if you’re reading this, it’s coming. Maybe Christmas? Hahaha…

Anyway, if you’re looking to turn your photos to canvases, perhaps you can try Easy Canvas Prints. I know family photos are precious and dear to our hearts. If you find something of better quality, or price, please feel free to share with the community. I can always be reached via email at mrsprofresh@gmail.com or Instagram.

Ps. If you are looking to add large and bold canvases to your empty walls, check out this blog post with details about ours.

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