Profresh Friday Picks

In todays, Profresh Friday Picks let’s talk #basics. There is no greater feeling than knowing exactly what to wear on the days you feel less inspired to be creative. With very little effort, you still manage to assemble a classy look, thanks to your go-to staples. A few weeks ago, I came across a brand I hadn’t tried on before. After a few minutes of browsing their section, I realized it was the perfect brand for wardrobe staples. Let’s dive a little deeper into these finds!

Remember last Sunday’s church outfit? I’ll give you a hint…I was channeling my inner Steve Jobs. It was the black dress with a subtle turtleneck, and since it was raining, I wore gold studded booties. However, I’d wear heels, converse, vans, or sandals, on sunnier days. Ladies, this outfit was effortless yet sleek at the same time. The fabric is soft, comfortable, and breathable. The length is perfect and the fit is ideal. Great staple for fall/winter too! For reference, I am wearing an extra small.

IMG_2351_Facetune_12-04-2019-16-33-01IMG_2349_Facetune_12-04-2019-16-30-47IMG_2350_Facetune_12-04-2019-16-32-30Shop here

The next pick is also from the same brand (also wearing an extra small). This midi with slits on the side is what office dreams are made of. Kidding. But seriously, this piece is a balance between casual and formal. You can easily dress it up or down – and who doesn’t love both? Perfect for the upcoming sizzling temperatures since it’s sleeveless. In the fall/winter, pair it with a blazer or a long sleeve turtle neck underneath to keep you cozy.

IMG_2341_Facetune_12-04-2019-16-19-50IMG_2342_Facetune_12-04-2019-16-20-38IMG_2343_Facetune_12-04-2019-16-25-52IMG_2344_Facetune_12-04-2019-16-26-41IMG_2340_Facetune_12-04-2019-16-18-57IMG_2339_Facetune_12-04-2019-16-16-40IMG_2338_Facetune_12-04-2019-16-15-14IMG_2337_Facetune_12-04-2019-16-14-18Shop here

If you purchase any of the Profresh Friday picks, please tag your outfit with #myprofreshlook on IG! I’ll be doing a try-on session tomorrow on IG stories so stay tuned for that.

Hope you have a fab weekend!

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