Profresh Friday Picks

Happy, happy Friday!!! Cheers to the weekend! I am so excited for a weekend in Houston! I will most likely do some shopping because I really want to finish decorating our master bath. A few furniture pieces arrived this week so I cannot wait to get home and see if they’ll go with the theme. I’ll keep you updated through Instagram stories.

A few weeks ago, I received messages asking where I purchased a bow tie blouse that I purchased many years ago. It has remained a favorite since my college days, and to my surprise, is still holding up very well. (I purchased it a Forever21.) As I was browsing for similar blouses, I came across so many other adorable options that I know will be perfect for work. They’re not only bow tie blouses, I selected a few prints and solid colors too. I think you’ll love – all of them are under $50!

  1. Light beige snakeskin blouse – I love love love everything about this one – it has a great color scheme, print, and style. They truly nailed it with this one. Looks high-end and comes with a matching skirt. Only $25!
  2. White creped blouse – A white blouse is a staple for any “profreshional”. This little baby is only $25 and comes in three beautiful colors: light pink, yellow, and dark green.
  3. Smocked print blouse – Yes, please. I guess it’s no secret, I love a good print. This one along with the first one are perfect for this fall/winter season. You could have both for $50. Also, who doesn’t love a smocked neck?
  4. Black blouse – This high-collar blouse also comes in ivory (might be a little see through in this color). Anyway, what a classic. The high-neck adds an elegant element and would look great styled with jeans on casual Friday.
  5. Blouse with scarf – Talk about classiness – all for $30.
  6. Blouse with tie collar – This is one of the options I sent to those who wanted to know details about the one I own. It’s a nice dusty color and only $25!
  7. White bow tie blouse – Here is the other option you ladies loved! Very similar to mine and it’s only $35.
  8. Rose blouse – This balloon-sleeved blouse is what profresh dreams are made of – I LOVE! The fabric creates an elegant feel and the color is bold and beautiful. I’d style this baby with jeans for a casual yet profresh look. It also comes in a champagne color!

That is a wrap for today! I wish you a weekend of pure fun! If you have any questions about the picks, let me know! You know I’ll always answer them.


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