Perfect Summer Bag Options

Ahhh, summer is almost here!!! And your girl is so ready for it!!! I know summer vacations are just around the corner so I went ahead and scouted pretty bags for you!

Summer Bag Picks

#1 Wooden Tote Bag – A chic bag for a stylish gal. I saw this little baby on a trip to Nordstrom last week and it caught my attention! It’s a little hard to tell but it’s actually elongated – making it easier to fit taller items such as a selfie stick or bottle of water. Also, peep the small bag inside of it. This small bag will safely contain even the smallest item you normally keep in your purse aka lippie.

#2 Acrylic Bag – Speaking of fun shapes, check out this adorable option! I love the muted color because it’ll go with any outfit. You can wear it in two different ways since it has the handle and removable strap. It also comes with a small bag inside to safely keep all of your belongings inside the purse.

#3 Straw Multi-Colored Bag – A fun bag for a girl who loves to have fun and doesn’t take herself too seriously. I gifted this little number on Mother’s Day to my stepmom and she absolutely loved it! I thought she would wait to use it until she left to Cancun, but nope, she has been rocking it ever since! It’s hard not to love it. The size is perfect for someone who carries the top essentials and you also have the option to hold it on your arm or shoulder.

#4 Straw Beach Bag – I’m not freaking out, you are! The vineyard vines for Target collection is arriving on May 18th for a limited time! Set your alarm because I have a strong feeling products are going to sellout fast – and this beach bag doesn’t stay behind! It seems pretty sturdy and durable, after all, it’s by a quality brand. If the beach is calling your name this summer, a large beach bag is a must-have.

#5 Pom Pom Tote Bag – A classy handbag for the sophisticated lady. This is another sturdy option for the gal who appreciates a bag with a flat bottom so it’s able to stand easily. The handle and pom pom details are just darling!

#6 Straw Tote Bag – This was the bag I gifted to my mom on Mother’s Day and she absolutely loved it (she has a thing for oversized bags). She isn’t too concerned about saving it for a beachy getaway either, it’s currently her everyday bag. It is much lighter in weight compared to other straw beach bags and perfect to wear over the shoulder. If you aren’t feeling the natural color, perhaps you’ll love the black one!

That is a wrap for today! I hope you enjoyed! If you decide to purchase any of the above, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 🙂

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