How to Make Perfect Edible Floral Ice Cubes

How to Make Edible Floral Ice Cubes

Today, on ze blog, I am sharing how to make perfect edible floral ice cubes for delectable cocktail drinks. These floral ice cubes will go perfectly with the latest cocktail creation, You Empress Me, that was shared on this blog post. By the way, if you love sweet cocktails, I highly recommend to try it!

To make edible floral ice cubes, here’s what you’ll need:
  1. Dried Gomphrena Globosa Flowers
  2. Square Honeycomb Ice Cube Mold
  3. Water
How to Make Floral Ice Cubes
Step 1

Sort through the best shaped dried gomphrena globosa flowers. The best shaped ones are the ones that fit perfectly into the square honeycomb mold, and preferably, have a small piece of their stem attached. Important Tip: I used the stem to help the flower stay stuck in place in the honeycomb mold. Below is a photo to show you what I mean by best 😉

How to Make Edible Floral Ice Cubes
Step 2

Place the dried gomphrena flowers in the honeycomb mold.

How to Make Edible Floral Ice Cubes 2
Step 3

Next, gently add the water. Do not freak out if some of the flowers rise to the top because the lid will help keep them down and submerged.

How to Make Edible Floral Ice Cubes 3
Step 4

Last, but not least, place the lid on top. For best results, let the flower ice cubes freeze overnight.

How to Make Edible Floral Ice Cubes 4

And there you have it! Easy, peasy, right? That’s a wrap on today’s edible floral ice cubes! As always, if you have any questions, comments, or insight, please email me at You can also send a DM on Instagram or comment below on this blog post. I love hearing from you!

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