Guest Post: Coffee Shops in Bryan, TX by Victoria M.

Harvest Coffee

Today, on, I am sharing my go-to coffee shops in the Bryan and College Station, TX area!

If you read the last guest blog post, which covers my book recommendations, you probably caught that I love reading at local coffee shops. I think coffee shops are the perfect place to relax with friends, read a book, or get work done.

I especially like to pick coffee shops that allow me to grind it out and complete work for the week. There’s something about plugging in your headphones, listening to music, and feeling the adrenaline to get work done. It is so satisfying.

Needless to say, I have become a go-to source for coffee shops. I love sharing these recs with my friends or anyone visiting the Bryan or College Station area. I think these recs are still hidden gems that not many have discovered. If you find yourself in the area, be sure to drop by at any of these coffee shops. I am sure you’ll love them!

Coffee Shop Recommendations

P.O.V Coffee

4100 Lake Atlas Dr, Bryan

POV Coffee

P.O.V Coffee is always a popular spot to go to! This location provides inside and outside seating and is dog friendly. You will discover specialty coffee’s, fresh muffins, sandwiches and much more. My go-to drink at P.OV. is their Dulce De Leche Latte. This latte is chef kisss!

A plus about this café, is that you can take this coffee date to the Lake Walk, which is a super trendy location. If you are looking for a study break or fresh air, bring you P.O.V coffee and walk Lake Atlas and take in some Brazos Valley Sunshine!

Harvest Coffee Shop

Bryan Location: 101 N. Main Street

College Station Location: 1037 University Dr. Suite 109

Harvest Coffee

Locally owned, Harvest Coffee Bar first location was at Downtown Bryan and has expanded to College Station-Century Square.

Serving a variety of coffee, teas and a gourmet menu of breakfast plates, these items are handmade from scratch with fresh and natural ingredients! At their Downtown Bryan location, their is an aesthetic of being in a environment of exposed brick walls and warm lighting. Along with picturesque views of Main Street through the front window creates a cozy atmosphere. If visiting Harvest Coffee Bar at College Station, this is an additional location to take your coffee and walk around Century Square. You will discover shopping retails and dining options.

Polite Coffee

800 S. Bryan Avenue

For our third café, I wonder if you knew about this fun fact..the beautiful home in which Polite Coffee is currently operating was once the residence of Edwin Kyle. Edwin Kyle is known as the namesake of the Texas A&M University Football Stadium. I bet you did not know about this, to this day, I am blown away by the fun fact. This makes an even more of a reason to stop at Harvest Coffee Bar!

Stop by for great coffee, tasty bites, and an amazing ambiance! You can even shop and buy Polites’ Coffee Beans to make at home!

Babe’s Doughnut & Coffee Shop

3409 Texas Avenue

Locally owned, Babe’s has become a personal favorite and is always my go-to on Sundays. Even my family are fans of Babe’s, they never fail us with their coffee and food! Compared to other shops, Babe’s is a bit smaller, however, it is a great place to grab a coffee and a treat on the go!

If you ask me, you must try their Honey Chicken Biscuit, Bacon and Egg Croissant, and Potato and Egg Taco. Now, when it comes to their doughnuts, you have to try it all! I have a sweet tooth, so typically I enjoy trying new doughnuts that they introduce! Lastly, I will say that the employees are always so kind and welcoming. From the many times, my family and I have gone to visit, they always recognize us and remember our usual order lol

Final Thoughts

Well guys, that’s a wrap on my run down of my go-to coffee shops in Bryan, TX. Hope you have the opportunity to check out these coffee shops next time you find yourself needing a space to work, read, or wind down.

Ps. Wanna read a book while you’re winding down at a coffee shop? Check out my popular list of book recommendations here!

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