5 Ways to Improve Your Life Today

5 Ways to Improve Your Life

Did you know there is 68 days left in the year?!? While many tend to get relaxed and lazy around this time of year, don’t fall into that trap. Today, on mrsprofresh.com, I am sharing 5 ways to improve your life today.

5 ways to improve:

  • Number 1 – Read a book. The most successful people I study have one thing in common. And no, it’s not waking up at 3 a.m. They all take the time to read and learn new things every single day. Pick a short book, a long book, whatever best suits your interest BUT READ SOMETHING. If you must, begin with an audio book first then slowly migrate to physical books.
  • Number 2 – Listen to an Ed Mylett podcast episode. The reason I specifically said Ed Mylett is because he is the most genuine person on the internet. He is not one of those wanna-be’s on the internet who fakes their success. He has actually accomplished a lot throughout his life and has a lot of positive things to say. I’ve shared his podcast on the blog before but in case this is your first time learning about him, I’ll link his podcast episodes here.
  • Number 3 – Move your body. You don’t go to the gym? No problem. Get up from your chair right now and stretch. Reach for your toes, stretch your arms, go for a quick walk outside, do squats, just freakin’ move! LOL! You cannot go wrong with this tip – just don’t hurt yourself. Movement always get the blood flow going and you can slowly start to incorporate other types of exercises. NOW GO RELEASE SOME ENDORPHINS.
  • Number 4 – Eat a healthy meal. Just one, especially if you are not used to eating vegetables. One quick way to get a healthy meal in is by making a smoothie. I’ll link one of my personal recipes here.
  • Number 5 – Make THAT call. Let’s face it – we all have someone to call right this second. I am not sure why we torture ourselves by waiting until the last minute. However, what if we took action on that one thing today?!? How would your life improve?

Final Thoughts:

This wraps up today’s tips on the 5 ways to improve your life. Do you plan to execute any of these tips? Just think how far you could go within these next 68 days if you simply did one of these things every single day until the end of the year.

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Ps. Did you know Jose (aka my husband) contributed to the blog recently?!? SHOCKER, LOL. After five years of blogging, he finally came on the blog. To read about the 20 things he wished he knew sooner, head over to this blog post. I promise it’s good!

2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Improve Your Life Today

  1. My best friend, one of them, encouraged me to take Ballet after I had my first, and only baby boy. I was overweight, and she said, this will help you for the rest of your life, but especially now. I did the exercise at class, and at home. I found that I shaped up soon, and I use those exercises at the oddest time. I do one ballet move when I pick up a piece of paper off the floor, or a pencil. I did it the other day while I was around the church people. I explained, “That was a ballet step.” They didn’t hear me, nor did they see what I did, but I never have back trouble when I take the ballet way of picking things up off the floor.

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