Workout outfit on repeat

This workout outfit has been on repeat all summer. I love to travel in it, workout in it, and of course, run errands in it. I am so happy all of the items are still available because these are items you can still rock in the fall/winter.

Shirt – Fits true to size. I love the flower print and colors. I’ve washed this shirt multiple times and no complaints on the print fading or cracking.

Leggings – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Super soft and comfy. Also, they do NOT slip while working out!

Shoes – These babies only come out to play when I know I am going to be extra cautious, haha! As you can see, they are white all-around and I have not had the need to wash them once since I bought them. That’s how you know how careful I am when I wear them. Anyway, they’re comfortable to run errands in. I rarely use them to workout.


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