Profresh Friday Picks

I am so excited to share today’s picks with you! It is a shift dress created and designed for the lady who loves and appreciates comfort.

For an effortless look, this simple dress will save the day. This is a piece I would consider a wardrobe staple due to its simplicity and versatility. It fits true to size and comes in a beautiful bold mauve color. You can easily dress it up or down. There many ways to style it for work. You can try a blazer with stylish flats/heels or wrap a thin belt around the waist for a fitted look.

IMG_3790_Facetune_10-05-2019-09-14-02IMG_3888_Facetune_10-05-2019-09-16-57Shop here

Oh, and guess what? It is currently on sale for $20! I mean…what are you waiting for?!?

Earlier this week, I shared a couple of the Profresh Friday Picks from last week. I’ll link the blog post here. During this trip to the mall, I found THE cutest flats ever! They are insanely comfortable, and at the same time, simple and stylish. I love the design of each pick below, and the fact that they’re well made, only makes them that much better.

Black Patent Leather | Blush | Snakeskin

Hope you enjoyed today’s picks! If you decide to purchase any of the items, or you are inspired by this post to create your own profresh look, please share it by using #myprofreshlook.

Ps. You can still catch the action from my trip to the mall under the shopping highlight on IG!


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