Life Update – What have I been up to? (2022)

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Oh, hi there! Long time, no life update. Like a real, raw, unedited, life update.

What can I say? Life has been incredibly hectic lately.

I wish I could slow down time because the older I get, the faster it seems to go. And you know what? Nothing in life prepares you for that. I guess it was meant to be that way because imagine if we could control time. How much more manipulative could we be? Better yet, how much more selfish could we be, right? The world certainly doesn’t need either of those two characteristics – in a malice way anyway.

For the past few months, I have had time to reflect on my blogging journey, and do you want to know what my biggest takeaway was? I missed creating content. This was reaffirmed whenever I started shooting content again, and I couldn’t be happier sitting right here typing this blog post. So I told myself I would get back to it.

What have I been up to?

I think the most challenging part about running my own platform is, I really don’t have to. No one is forcing me to show up. And I certainly find it easy not to, especially when the demands of this world make it to the top of my priority list. Like a lot of people, I am guilty of fulfilling other people’s demands because sometimes it is the path of least resistance.

On top of trying to fulfill the demands of this world, I’ve been learning how to navigate a new chapter. New milestones are often accompanied by foreign, or overwhelming, emotions. Either way, for the past few months, I have been on both ends of the spectrum. Between juggling my personal life, professional career, family life, and everything in-between, I’ve been figuring out how to get back to one piece of the puzzle that fulfills me, which is my blog.

Life Update

So what has life looked like the last few months of not blogging consistently?

Well, to be totally honest, I’ve been traveling a lot for business. Ever since I got promoted last October, I’ve been working hard familiarizing myself with the role and day-to-day things. So whenever I am not working, I am resting. Because come Monday, I am back in full force.

On top of work, Jose and I have been working hard on growing our little family. The expansion isn’t happening as quickly as we would have hoped but it is what it is. We are doing everything within our power, and control, to make it happen so only time will tell what’s our next step. We are so excited to become parents and talk about baby H all the time. I’m pretty sure the family is on the edge of their seats awaiting the great news too since we excitedly shared the news of trying for a baby not knowing how challenging it would be. Thankfully, we have a respectful and mindful family that doesn’t bombard, or harass, us with questions.

Speaking of family, we are planning our first family summer vacation since 2016! This vacation is loooong overdue and can hardly wait for the moment we are all reunited! Being a grownup sucks sometimes, especially for the gal who grew up close to her family (aka me, I am the gal). I wish we all lived under the same roof sometimes. (Eh, not really, haha.) Anyway, the countdown is officially on because we leave on July 17th – eeek!!!

No major updates to the #sojohome except we FINALLY redid our master closet. We designed and customized it to maximize every inch of that space. It is now the functional closet I always envisioned. We couldn’t be happier with the results! I plan to reveal the transformation on Instagram.

Final Thoughts

This wraps up the latest life update. I plan to kickoff with Father’s Day gift guides because hello, there are some wonderful father’s to recognize. On top of that, I am sharing exciting summer looks that are perfect for vacation and the office. That’s right – she is back…and she is back in full force.

As always, if you feel compelled to reach out, please never hesitate to send an email at or send a DM on Instagram. I love hearing from you!

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