Father’s Day Gift Guide (2022) – $100 and Under

father's day gift guide (under $100)

Today, on mrsprofresh.com, I am excited to share a Father’s Day gift guide! Father’s Day is 12 days away so you still have just enough time to buy a gift for his special day.

You’ll notice the gift guide is divided into two sections – $50 and under and $100 and under. Please note I always do extensive research on the products I suggest. I do this by reading reviews on your behalf and suggesting products I’ve purchased myself. I take pride in being critical as I scrub these gift finds so I end up sharing the best of the best. My goal is to remove the stress of scouting the best gift for your loved one so you can go back to living your best life.

Father’s Day Gift Guide – $50 and Under

  • Short Whiskey Glass – If there’s anything that can make a man feel special is his whiskey on the rocks, served in a fancy cocktail glass like this one. Am I speaking from experience? Absolutely.
  • Large Ice Cube Tray – If you decide to buy a pair of the whiskey glasses, and the decanter, you must purchase the tray to make larger-than-life ice cubes.
  • Whiskey Decanter – We have this exact whiskey decanter, and the above glasses, and we absolutely love our set! So classy and timeless.
  • 10 oz Mug – Yeti products will always be considered staples in my book. Not sure what to purchase the old man, husband, etc.? I can almost guarantee a Yeti product will do.
  • 18 oz Beverage Container – Here’s another Yeti option. Perfect for the working man.
  • 20 oz Travel Mug – I know my Dad would love this sucker – too bad he’ll have to wait until Christmas because I already purchased his Father’s Day gift, haha. (His Father’s Day gift will be included in the Splurge Edition gift guide.)
  • 26 oz Beverage Container – Here’s a bigger option of the insulated beverage container.
  • Tie Bar – Do you have a working professional Dad figure to honor this year? Peep this sleek tie bar with a subtle message that’s etched on the back. Neat idea to keep his family close to his heart.
  • Collar Bars – What is the purpose of collar bars? They keep the collar in place. These come in gold and silver – perfect for the business man.
  • 3-Pack Bombas Socks – A couple of years ago, I gave a pair of Bombas socks to Jose (my husband) because they didn’t fit me. To this day, he still says they’re the most comfortable pair of socks he has ever owned. They’re simply the best!
  • Duffel Bag – I thought it was a steal to find this Adidas duffel bag at $45! It has 100+ 5-star reviews. Perfect for the gym-goer, or fitness enthusiast.
  • Ball Cap by Ralph Lauren – Something about a twill ball cap, especially by Ralph Lauren. This baby comes in 7 other colors.
  • Back and Neck Massager – We have this back and neck massager and truly don’t have any regrets. We freakin’ love our massager and use it on a daily basis. It also has over 200 positive reviews. Please note Amazon sells a ton of back and neck massager options so if you don’t choose this one, do your research, and look through the reviews to find the best one.
  • Waterproof Cooler Bag – So apparently this waterproof cooler bag comes in pretty handy during summer adventures, or water activities (e.g. fishing, kayaking, beach, pool, etc.) It is perfect to protect the essentials. It has almost 700 5-star reviews. PRETTY COOL.
  • 75-Piece Tool Set by Husky – If your special guy needs a tool set, I found this one under $50 with good reviews.
  • Blocks Game by GoSports – I love games by GoSports. They’re made from durable materials, and I truly appreciate that! By the way, these are NOT the jumbo blocks. They’re regular in size.
  • Portable Cornhole Game by GoSports – Here is another game by GoSports.

Father’s Day Gift Guide – $100 and Under

  • Duffel Bag by Tommy Hilfiger – I love this sports duffel bag by Hilfiger. It also comes in red.
  • Premium Croquet Set With Carrying Case – After a lot of research, this croquet set made it as the top contender for the best croquet set under $100. And of course it is by GoSports.
  • Knot Cuff Links – These cuff links also come in gold. Perfect gift for the working professional.
  • Set of 4 Compressible Packing Cubes – I would spend $70 on packing cubes for someone I love. These are by Monos, a minimalistic and modern luggage brand. I love that these can be compressed even further, which is perfect for the traveler, or overpacker.
  • Clip Portable Bluetooth Waterproof SpeakerThis is the perfect clip-on waterproof speaker for the man on-the-go. Whether it’s biking, running, or being a beach bum, it’s the perfect compact (and powerful) speaker companion. Comes in 4 more colors.
  • Waterproof and Cordless Trimmer – A majority of the reviews were positive for this waterproof and cordless trimmer. Therefore, I would give it a shot. People commented on the great battery life it has, and that it doesn’t tug or pinch.
  • Slim Wallet with RFID Protection by Tumi – I will always recommend a Tumi wallet. Jose has had his for a few years now, and still uses it to this day. And guess what? He hasn’t dealt with anyone hacking, or stealing, his credit card information anymore. That RFID protection coming in clutch after all these years.
  • 2-Piece Set by Ralph’s ClubDo you want to gift a cologne set? Check out this sleek option by Ralph Lauren.
  • Slides by Ralph Lauren – Love these black slides by Ralph Lauren. Gift them with the RL luxurious bathrobe, and you’re set.
  • Luxurious Bathrobe by Ralph Lauren
  • Driver-Drill Kit by Makita – Do you have a handy man to honor this Father’s Day? Every handy man needs a drill kit. Jose has this exact kit, and it has come in handy!
  • Binoculars by Celestron – I searched high and low for affordable and good quality binoculars. These by Celestron turned out to be the winner – they’re perfect for the outdoorsy man.
  • Backpack – Every outdoorsy man needs a backpack. Love this one by North Face.

Final Thoughts

And that’s wrap for today’s Father’s Day gift guide. I plan to share one more this Friday, but it will be the “SPLURGE EDITION”. So if you feel like spoiling Dad, or that special Dad figure in your life, with a gift over $100, wait until Friday to look through that gift guide as well. Thanks so much for reading and for your continued support!

Ps. To find out what I have been up to these last few months of not blogging, check out this blog post! I talk about the biggest thief in this life, which is time, and our desire to become parents.

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