Here’s another life update

I have done a couple of life updates in the past through blog posts and I have found to like them. I feel it’s the most natural way to share what’s happening in my life. IG stories is great but nothing like expressing emotions in writing because I find it a little hard to be vulnerable on video.

Life Update: On Vulnerability

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hold back on a lot of things I share through IG stories. However, if it comes to a subject that will make me emotional (aka cry a bit) then I rather not. I know, I know, it’s something I need to work on…no…not with you but rather in my personal relationships.

Speaking of vulnerability, if you have yet to watch Brené Brown’s special on Netflix, I HIGHLY recommend it. (I’ll link more about it here.) I cannot tell you how many times her name appeared in my life throughout 2019. It was crazy, it was definitely a sign from God. My friend, who had no idea she kept appearing in my life, gave me one of her books and I realized this was the ultimate sign. I am currently reading it and loving it. Also, to watch her famous (over 45M views) TEdx talk in Houston, click here. It’s also really good!

Onto life stuff…I am currently seeing a therapist. We’ve only had three meetings so it’s still at the beginning stages. I’ve seen a therapist before (back in 2014) but I sort of forgot how this whole things plays out. I am not sure how long I will need to determine if we are a good match. I want to give her a fair shot so I am going to keep seeing her until my gut says otherwise.

Life update: Job

I am loving my “new” job. I quoted new because I’ve only been in the role for about four months. My boss is pretty amazing. I’ve actually been asked to help with executing an upcoming event in March AND I AM SO EXCITED! Just to give you a little background, I am a Design Showroom Manager for a home automation manufacturer, Crestron. It’s literally the technology required to create a smart home. It’s so cool and love learning about the industry. I’m a little geek when it comes to technology. I’ve always been fascinated by it, and if I could go back to pick a major in college, I would most definitely choose artificial intelligence.

Life update: Babies

I have experienced waves of baby fever. It gets pretty intense – haha! If I am honest, sometimes I want to throw my plans out the window and just go for it, but then realize how hard (and pretty permanent) motherhood is. (Don’t come at me with how rewarding it is either. I know, I bet it is.) Anyway, I am working through some fears of becoming a mom. Before this year, I was TERRIFIED of entering that chapter. Literally – just plain terrified of the changes. The way the body changes, relationships change, etc., etc. I can share what I am doing to overcome my fears later, if you are interested. I am pretty sure I am not alone living in these fears.

Life Update: Our Home

The home. Oh, the home. It’s coming along slowly. I was sick not too long ago so it slowed my progress but I plan on picking it back up later this month. I am close to sharing our dining room space, which people have been loving. I think it’s the dining chairs but who knows? I am excited to share details soon. My bathroom cabinet is also coming along nicely, I finally found a few solutions I think I like. I need to explore lighting solutions this weekend so as soon as that project completes, I’ll share it. Jose and I will spend this weekend shopping for patio furniture too! AHHHH – we really want a fireplace set-up before winter wraps up so we can have at least one night on our terrace. It’s a process…a long one. But remember, that’s perfectly normal.

Well, that’s a wrap on my life updates. If you have read this far, thank you so much! I really appreciate you. You have no idea. Here’s to a wonderful weekend ahead of us!

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