Crate & Barrel: 2023 Spring Decor Ideas

crate barrel spring decor

Today, on, I am sharing Crate & Barrel spring décor ideas I think you are going to love for your home.

As you know, spring is in the air and you may feel inspired to freshen up the home. This year, I am sharing a few spring decor ideas by one of my absolute favorite retailers – Crate and Barrel. Below you’ll see a curated list of decorative statement pieces, neutral art, vases, candle holders, pillow cases, and more.

You’ll be surprised how much one, two, or even three new pieces can do to a space!

Crate and Barrel Spring Decor Ideas

Decorative Statement Pieces

Crate Barrel has a variety of adorable statement pieces that are perfect for adding a pop of color and personality to any room. From ceramic sculptures to unique centerpieces, I am sure you will find something that will help spruce up the home. For example, this cute kiwi bird or this cool knot sculpture!

Neutral Art

If you prefer a subtle way to make a statement, Crate and Barrel has beautiful pieces of framed neutral artwork. These pieces feature muted colors and simple designs, making them versatile to fit most home aesthetics.

Bowls, Vases, and Candle Holders

Freshening your tablescape, or tabletop decor, is my favorite way to welcome a new season. It is so simple and delicious – I honestly hack the system by purchasing a fresh dozen of roses for my favorite vases throughout the home. Crate and Barrel offers some of the most beautiful and unique vases in the market like this 12″ Felice Vase. SO CHIC. Also, peep the candle holders this spring/summer season!!! SO ‘EFFIN CUTE.

Dried Botanicals

I’ve come to love dried botanicals. They’re low-maintenance and easily change the look and feel of any space.

Pillow Cases

Lastly, one KEY way I spruce up the home for ANY season is by changing out the pillow cases. Forget purchasing throw pillows! Instead, invest in some nice pillow inserts that are standard in size so you can swap the pillow cases each time a new season rolls around 😉

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s wrap on today’s Crate and Barrel’s spring decor ideas. I hope you are inspired with simple and unique ideas on how to style the home. I shared a few key hacks I have been using ever since purchasing the home, and trust me, they work! You can do the same by hanging a new piece of art, lighting up a candle, or styling a new statement vase.

For more spring decor ideas, check out my favorite finds by Target HERE.

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