What the packing cubes?

Finally sharing the final verdict on what I think about the packing cubes I recently ordered from Amazon….

…I love them. They’re ideal for the gal who overpacks.

Life before packing cubes

Well, it’s simple, here’s a photo of what my suitcase looked like at the end of the latest packing session. (Why am I laughing out loud right now?!?)

IMG_6983_Facetune_25-07-2019-09-09-09 2

Not the prettiest, right? And if you think it looks semi-organized, you may be correct. However, during the trip and coming back from the trip, is a whole different situation. I take pride in being an organized person, but I think only the overpacker will understand the following statement, shxt gets messy real quick! Doesn’t matter how neat you fold your clothes. Anyway, life before packing cubes was good. Life after packing cubes is freaking great!

In the latest IGTV video, you’ll learn that I start packing by laying out my clothes and organizing it according to the trip schedule. I use reusable bags for shoes and dirty clothes. The zipped section is for additional bags containing beauty products and the like, specifically things that are too big for my cosmetic bags such as: hair brushes, hair straightener, hairspray, dry shampoo, etc.


Life with packing cubes

Well, I will say this, it felt like I reached another level of organization. I loved the neatness and the fact that my clothes stayed organized until we got home. I asked for Jose’s opinion and he thought the packing cubes were great for me because I was able to unpack my entire suitcase without having our hotel room look like a tornado went by. It was wonderful, LOL!


Now, for someone who doesn’t overpack and is straight to the point, you may just continue sticking to your normal packing situation. Jose is one of these people…I don’t think he’ll buy any packing cubes anytime soon.

To my mama’s out there, I think you would appreciate packing cubes, especially if you pack your baby’s clothes in your suitcase.

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