Living Room Details

Ohhmyyygooshhhh – This is my FIRST ever #sojohome blog post!!! I am SO excited to share our living room details. Even though we are missing a few key pieces, I figured it was time to share all the things before it’s too late to shop for some of these items. (A few are already sold out 🙁 but I promise to link similar items.)

The Inspiration:

The vision I had for the living room was warm, inviting, with a dash of glam. We have large families so we wanted to create a space with plenty of room to sit. The layout was purposely left opened towards the dining room area so no one is truly left out. The velvety texture on the sofa, loveseat, and accent swivel chairs, are definitely inviting and warm. (Everyone loves to pet them, haha!) I wanted to make sure I had plenty of throw blankets for anyone who chooses to grab one during a sports game or a movie. My goal was yo have plenty of pillows to easily remove, wash, and replace as the seasons change. I wanted a gray rug to contrast the neutral and pastel color scheme. My main goal was to love every single aspect, and so far, I’ve managed to be patient to accomplish that goal.

img_3859_facetune_07-04-2020-16-17-28Sofa | Loveseat | Artimg_3850_facetune_07-04-2020-16-15-13Embroidered Pillow | Velvet Pillowimg_3863_facetune_07-04-2020-16-18-39Faux Fur Pillow | Linen Pillowimg_3860_facetune_07-04-2020-16-17-51Coffee Table | Mirror Tray | Candle | Rug

Pedestal Table | Chanel Book | Louis Vuitton Book | Gucci Book | Basket | Throw Blanket

img_3878_facetune_07-04-2020-16-23-24Swivel Chair | Faux Fur Pillow | Pedestal Table

Let’s dive deep into the details…

Sofa & Loveseat

In case you are wondering, the color we chose is called Bella Buckwheat Beige. I wasn’t too sure if I loved the color at first because I expected the color to be lighter. However, after some time the color grew on me. Also, I think it would have been too much white/ivory if they were the color I was expecting. They’re super easy to clean and super comfortable. If you’re interested in something similar for your home, they come in 14 other colors, and they’re currently 33% off. The sale ends on 4/19.

Swivel Accent Chairs

I LOVE our gray swivel accent chairs. They’re inviting, charming, and super comfortable. The gold base compliments the aesthetic of the home very nicely too.

Coffee Table

This little baby is super heavy so it was a bust trying to get it up the stairs. It’s made of white marble and steel. I love the rustic bronze color of the webbed pattern – it certainly catches attention. Also, this coffee table was made for game nights! (We’ve also joked about putting bad kids in time out inside of it, haha!)


I am so happy with the masterpiece we chose. As you can see, the frame has been adjusted to the eye level I wanted it to be. Sadly, this exact size isn’t available but there are a few smaller options to choose from. I chose this one because it has a lot of the elements I was looking for. A playful colorful scheme in case I decide to swap out any of the pillow covers, centerpieces, etc., later down the road. I cannot help to keep my eyes off the gold bold brushstroke either! I love how bold and abstract the strokes are. Not to mention, the frame is gold and matches perfectly with the aesthetic of the home.

Pillow Talk


Here’s a little tip – if you are looking to purchase pillows for the sofa, loveseat, or accent chairs, I HIGHLY recommend looking into options that allow you to switch the pillow covers. Nobody told me about this little secret – and there was no way of knowing since I’ve never owned a home, hence, never thought about these details.

Coffee Table Goods


Love the mirror tray I found after several weeks of searching. The last thing I wanted was a tray made of marble simply because it would blend with the coffee table. I figured a bronze tray would look best and the mirror was a plus. You already know a candle will always be on my coffee table, this one burns evenly so that’s a huge plus for someone with OCD, haha! It also smells delicious! I still feel like I am missing something on the tray, I just don’t know what. I’ll know it when I see it, LOL! I’ll keep you posted once I figure it out. Oh, and the tray is currently 30% off!

Some people may find the fashion books a little too cliché, but honestly, I don’t care. I have always loved and cared about fashion, in fact, I loved it so much I studied it in college. We started to read the Louis Vuitton book the other day so I am determined on opening these books 😉

Cozy Stuff


It is never a bad idea to have extra throw blankets for the guests. Jose wasn’t a fan but I wasn’t going to take no for an answer. I love having cozy blankets nearby! These little babies are incredibly soft and comfy. They come in the prettiest colors too (I may have to order the gray one! It’s so rich in color making it super bold, which I love!) The basket is currently sold out so I linked a different basket here. I actually have that exact basket in the guest bedroom.



This rug was loved so much we bought it twice! The gray one was for the living room and the ivory one was for the dining room. (We purchased the 10′ X 14′ for the living room but comes in plenty of other sizes.) Ps. It’s currently on sale too!

Pedestal Drink Table


Only the cutest drink table I’ve ever seen. I didn’t know how trendy these drink tables were but I am loving how functional it is already. The purpose is to hold one drink at a time – LOL! And I am not mad about it. Some may find it comical…I find it cute. It’s a cute statement piece that is guaranteed to make people smile.

I will be sharing more about each piece/item through my IG stories so stay tuned for that. (Will most likely update this blog post with additional details as questions roll in too.)

Other than that, if you have any questions about any of the home items, please never hesitate on reaching out. I would be more than happy to help.

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