Fresh Friday Finds: Master Bedroom


Sharing our master bedroom bedding set has been on my list for a very long time. *drum roll* I am finally sitting down and sharing all of the details about this beautiful set.

Our master bedroom is not 100% ready. I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again, we are taking baby steps on furnishing the home. We refuse to get in debt over furnishings. Our approach has been very subtle, strategic, and a thoughtful process. We don’t want to fill our spaces with meaningless things. I want to love every single aspect of my home, after all, this is where I’ll live for the next few years. And I think anyone who is as intentional about their home, should do the same. It’s okay to be picky. Don’t settle. You’ve worked hard for this…now do it right, the first time. In case nobody has told you this, mistakes cost money AND precious time.

I selected this bedding set late last year so I was definitely in the mood for something appropriate for the season. I won’t be replacing it this spring/summer season because the bedding set I want is quite pricey, and as mentioned above, our budget doesn’t allow for that type of spending right now. Once other rooms are completed, and we save for a new bedding set, I’ll definitely have an alternate set for the spring/summer season.

To some of you, seasons may not matter. So if you’re okay with velvet and you love this style, it’s still available. The good news? It’s available in plenty of colors! And quite trendy. I’ve spotted this exact style of bedding at Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel. Both of these retailers offer different colors as well.


Ps. The ivory pom pom throw blanket on the edge of the bed is my current favorite blanket to use at night. For a 25% discount, use code “FRIENDS” at checkout.

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