What it’s really like to live in a townhouse

What it’s really like to live in a townhouse

One of the questions I remember my father-in-law asking after giving him a full tour of our townhouse was, “Is this what you always imagined your house to look like?”

I don’t know if he was confused by the layout or if he was truly mesmerized but I gave him the short answer. The short answer was, “Yes. We always knew we wanted to live in the city so a townhouse seemed the most fitting for now.”

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Happy New Year – 2020!

Happy 2020!!! Cheers to the beginning of a new decade!!! I am SO excited for my goals this year! I have yet to complete my vision board, but other than that, I’ve already jotted them down in my planner.

It is currently Sunday evening and I am on my bed with a heat pad against my back. It isn’t the hottest start (actually – this heating pad is pretty freaking hot) to the new year. If you follow along on IG stories, you know I injured my back at the gym yesterday. It was not pleasant. I hope this pain is temporary so here’s to a quick recovery.

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Top 10 in 2019

Wow! What a year! I know it’s not quite over yet but I want to share these words now because I have an exciting thing to share before the year actually ends!

I’ve said it more than once, and I’ll continue to say it, I am SO THANKFUL for 2019. I have enjoyed every step of the way. My heart is seriously filled with gratitude.

Thank YOU for being a part of my blogging journey. Thank YOU for hanging out with me through IG stories. Thank YOU for also sharing and letting me into your life! I know we consume a lot of information in one day, and ultimately a personal choice to follow along, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Dress Picks for the Office

Dress Picks for the Office

Happy happy Friday Eve, everyone!!! Woot, woot! So excited for tomorrow afternoon – 5 p.m. to be exact, haha!

I finally finished Christmas shopping AND wrapping. My heart couldn’t be happier since Christmas is in six days. (And tomorrow is technically my last day to do everything!) This is the last year I wait to shop until the last minute. Traffic is insane and I realized how much I dislike crowds, lol! My days have been a blur to say the least.

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