Top Five Posts in September 2019

Happy first day of October! Hope you are off to a great start this week! It’s a new month, fresh start – filled with opportunities.

I am looking forward to Thursday because I’ll be taking off to NYC for a girls’ weekend. I noticed the weather will be completely opposite of Houston so this should be interesting…hahaha. Looks like a cold front will be rolling in the day we arrive, what are the chances, right?!?

In case you are new to the blog…welcome! On the first of every month, I share the top five blog posts from the previous month. This is a great way to catch up with the highlights since we all live in a go-go life. I normally post at least three times per week but September was a little odd because we bought a house and the process has been a little wild. Since I still managed to write more than five blog posts last month, I figured it was fair enough to share the most viewed ones:

Here are the Top Five Post in September 2019:

  1. Our biggest life update to year – This is where I first shared about our big announcement of purchasing our townhome. (Still cannot believe we bought it and it still feels like it isn’t ours.)
  2. The hustle never stops – This one is for all of my coffee lovers. I shared about my current favorite coffee – I am seriously obsessed with it!
  3. There’s always an upside – Got a little personal and shared a second big life update (2019 has been one for the books).
  4. Profresh Friday Picks – I cannot wait to begin sharing these again! The blouse shared in this blog post was a favorite last month – perfect for the office, church, or happy hour!
  5. Labor Day sale finds – Even though it is too late to shop these sales, this is great feedback! I will be sure to continue creating similar blog posts in the future.

You can head over to my IG to read the wildest five “fun” facts about me. They’re pretty much crazy childhood memories…I’ll leave it at that.

Anyway, I feel great about today! I feel like another weight has been lifted off my shoulders because we finally turn in the key to our last apartment. We finished cleaning up the place last night and couldn’t be more excited to close yet another chapter. I was just a tiny bit sad because it was the last place my sweet Tinker Bell and I shared. It was also where Jose and I grew as newlyweds and so much more.

Hope you have an amazing day! Wishing you another successful month too! I am sooo excited to share planned content for this month!

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