Snow Boots Reviews by REAL People

Snow Boots Reviews by REAL People

Today, on, I am sharing snow boots reviews by REAL people (aka my family). They gladly participated on contributing to this blog post by sharing their honest opinion on the snow boots they purchased for our trip to Colorado in December. If you are not sure what to look for when purchasing snow boots for cold temperatures, I hope this blog post guides you in making the right selection.


Number 1 – I shared an in-depth review about this pair of snow boots last week – I’ll link it here. This mauve (or light pink) pair of snow boots got so many compliments everywhere I went. I highly recommend them to the girl who likes to pair outfits with her snow boots and doesn’t mind splurging a few bucks. They’re a little pricey, however, I waited for them to go on sale before purchasing them 😉

Aside from being pink and cute, they perform really well in the snow. My feet stayed warm, with the help of thick socks, and they are freaking waterproof! The boots look in amazing condition, even after wetting the fur.

Number 2 – I don’t own this color, but if I could pick a different color from the mauve, I’d choose white. It’s clean, crisp, and modern. Too bad we don’t experience much snow in the south, otherwise, I would purchase a third pair.

Number 3 – This is the second pair I purchased for the trip. The price for the boots is AMAZING. Not only did they keep my feet warm, they were also comfortable. These boots were more roomy from the inside compared to the mauve pair. They also come in a shorter version, which is the version my sister Alice purchased. Below are her thoughts about the short pair of snow boots. (By the way, they both have great online reviews!)

This pair of snow boots were comfy and light. The price was great too! These boots are good for those who don’t want to spend on high-end boots and see snow every five years! Lol! The only thing I disliked was the short boot style due to snow going inside the boot.

– Alice

Number 4 – Below is what Linda, my stepmom, had to say about hers.

My boots were so warm and light. I bought them half a size larger so that I may wear thick socks. It worked like a charm!

– Linda

Number 5 – Below is what Mayra, my sister, had to say about hers.

When first breaking them in, they did hurt my feet. However, after three uses they were comfortable to walk in. I have two pairs and love them because they are cute, simple, casual, and have dual purpose such as can be worn as rain boots. Con: I like to show the shoe and wear fuzzy socks over my pants, but snow would get into them. As long as I wore my snow pants over them, snow didn’t get into the shoe. Also, I ordered half a size up to fit thick socks, which may be why they hurt my feet because they fitted a little big when I was breaking them in. But when I double socked them, they were comfy.

– Mayra

Number 6 – Below is what Johnny, my brother, had to say about his.

These snow boots were good and kept me warm. Affordable for someone who doesn’t experience much snow.

– Johnny

Number 7 – Below is what Jose, the hubs, had to say about his.

I bought these boots to use as snow boots because I was not into the traditional snow boot style, I think they look goofy. I felt that these were easier to style with any other winter gear. These kept my feet warm and dry with just one pair of wool blend socks at sub zero temperatures. The boots themselves were very comfortable and surprisingly lighter than I thought.

– Jose

Final Thoughts:

Guys – I really hope you appreciated these snow boots reviews by the fam bam. (Looking back, they made me think of things I hadn’t considered before! For example, the dual purpose idea, I thought that was pretty smart.) I know reviews is something a lot of people consider before making a purchase so I ensured to capture their exact thoughts and feedback.

If you have any questions, as always, don’t hesitate in reaching out. I can be contacted through email at, commenting below on this blog post, or through Instagram.

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