My Morning Routine

My current morning routine hasn’t changed much from my regular morning routine. The biggest change is not being able to go to the gym. The biggest struggle is waking up at 4:30 a.m.

Having said that, I am getting up between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m.

Here is my morning routine:

The first thing I do is go to the restroom (ok, TMI) and brush my teeth. I cannot function without brushing my teeth first. And that’s the truth – LOL!

Next, I do a quick skin care routine. This consists of washing my face and then applying moisturizer. (Later in the morning, I do my full skin care routine.) Then I get ready for my workout session – switch out of the pjs and jump into my workout clothes. I head downstairs to the office and workout for 30 minutes to one hour. Honestly, it varies. If I get up at 5:30 a.m., I’ll do one hour. If I get up at 6 a.m. then it’s a shorter workout but the minimum is 30 minutes. (We use this kit we ordered a few months ago and LOVE it. We are able to do pretty much everything we would typically do in a gym setting.)

Afterwards, I head to the kitchen. The first thing I must have before coffee is water. I’ll drink a glass of water or consume it through my smoothie. Breakfast plays a huge part of the morning routine in the #sojohome. Ever since we have been living together, we make it a priority to eat breakfast together. It’s always different too. I like to mix it up – and you know what? Sometimes it’s only cereal or peanut butter jelly sandwiches. Next, IF I remember, I take my vitamins. (I hate taking vitamins. Like truly, truly hate the process. I struggle the most taking them – physically. Huge pills scare me – they sometimes get stuck in my throat. I feel like I am going to suffocate. And I hate the taste of them. I know it’s a lot of overthinking and currently trying to figure out how to overcome this.)

Afterwards, I head upstairs and decide if a shower is necessary or not. If I do an ab workout, I don’t sweat. If I run, and/or do some sort of cardio, definitely shower. After my shower, I begin with a full skin care routine, which then I apply makeup and finish up with hair. While doing my makeup, I listen to a podcast episode – maybe more than one if they’re short. As of this week, I started jumping into Gary Vee’s live sessions on Twitter – they’re SOO good!!!! It’s like watching Shark Tank. If you love Shark Tank, I highly suggest to tune in. He goes live M – F at 8 a.m. CST on Twitter. He brings so much fire, it only encourages me to kill the day (much like my other favorite podcast hosts).

After getting ready, I pick my outfit. Once I am done getting ready, I clear the bathroom countertops of the clutter. I make it a point to leave the bathroom clean and clear of makeup/hair stuff. And then I do my bed. *gasps* I told Jose the other day, when I lived alone, my bed was ALWAYS made neatly. However, something switched as soon as we got married. I am trying to change my ways though, lol! It is my goal to do my bed every single day, and ever since this social distancing thing happened, I’ve managed to do it! So happy about it too! Haha!

After cleaning the room and bathroom, I head to the kitchen. Make a nice cup of coffee (if I didn’t have it with breakfast) and then head to the office and begin the day! I aim to be in the office by 9 a.m.

Final Thoughts:

Well, that wraps up my morning routine. I think it is super important to create a morning routine AND STICK TO IT. NO EXCEPTIONS. (Yes, I am raising my voice right now, haha!) Be intentional about it too. Accomplishing these little tasks sets the mood to continue winning the day. Also, it’s ok to change it up if you must. I’ll give you an example…

…when all of this started going down, and the media was instilling fear amongst all of us, I was scared.

Listen to me – I was scared.

I had sooooo much anxiety…I actually had diarrhea. (LOL – just keeping it real!!!) I was legitimately afraid for our future. The stock market was going down, we were losing money. Lots of chatter about the country closing down. I mean, do I need to keep going?

Well, in order to overcome this fear and anxiety, I started and ended my days with meditation and prayer. Meditation and prayer was (and continues to be) my saving grace. Journaling was extremely therapeutic. And finally, a prayer at the end of the day with Jose was my retreat.

And just because my anxiety has calmed down, it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped doing these things. These are habits I’ve created over the years. I just step them up, or make them a priority, when I am feeling sick to my stomach (literally).

I am curious to know what your morning routine looks like. What do you do that adds value to your life? If you would like to share, please email your suggestion(s) to or head over to my IG story and submit it to the question box.

Ps. I never thought it would come down to talking about diarrhea on my blog. LOL! But I mean, we are here. This is what COVID-19 has done. #bringingusclosertogether

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