Wedding Gift Guide with Amazon

Here is your ultimate wedding gift guide with Amazon, whether you are a bride-to-be creating your gift registry, or a wedding guest, these items were carefully thought out.

Wedding Gift Registry
  1. Echo – A special handy dandy gadget in our home. She serves as our speaker, meteorologist, news reporter, and sometimes makes us laugh with her jokes. We rarely watch the news in the mornings/evenings so Alexa is able to step in and answer all of our weather-related or newsworthy questions. She’s obedient for the most part.
  2. Blanket – I would have never thought of gifting a blanket as a wedding gift but we received one, and let me tell you, it is my favorite one to this day. I sleep with it every night. I did extensive research on the best rated blanket and found this one. How thoughtful would it be to personalize it with initials?!?
  3. Security safe – I strongly believe every household needs a safe to store the important stuff. You know…the stuff that’s a hassle to replace if you lose it.
  4. Bathrobes – Soooo cute and they look sooo comfy. I will probably gift these to myself and Jose for Christmas this year, LOL!
  5. Wine glasses – The reason I chose this set of wine glasses over all the other options was because of the beautiful packaging and a wine pairing guide is included. Oh, and they’re dishwasher safe.
  6. First Christmas ornament – An adorable gift for an adorable couple. Case closed.
  7. Roomba – My experience with Drake (this is our roomba’s name) has been nothing but amazing. He really does right and kills everything. We’ve had ours for over two years and haven’t had any issues.
  8. Wine tumblers – I actually like these more than ours. It’s the perfect gift for a couple who enjoys wine. Pair it with a note saying, “Date night idea: Change it up a bit and have a picnic outside.”
  9. Champagne glasses – This one is for my fancy couples. I love the sophisticated design of these glasses!
  10. Keurig – The fact that I’ve had mine for over six years blows my mind! I cannot believe it has lasted so long. I will probably find it difficult to part ways with it because I am going to eventually upgrade and try the Nespresso. Anyway, I do love my Keurig and recommend it to my coffee lovers. Did you know you can buy reusable k-cups? Pretty awesome and inexpensive!

That’s a wrap for tonight! Brides – hope this helps on creating your registry. Wedding guests – if your couple doesn’t have a registry, hope this wedding gift guide gives you inspo on what to buy for their home.

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