Vacation Splurge Season

I am always looking forward to my birthday month, May. Even though it is often overshadowed by graduations, weddings, and other celebrations, I seek joy when it comes to my day! Little did I know, I would marry someone who would be born just ten days before me. Now it’s double the celebration and cupcakes (we prefer cupcakes over cake)!

This year, we decided to book a weekend trip for his birthday to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. It was well spent – too much that I forgot to apply sunscreen on our last full day. Therefore, you’ll probably notice tan/burn lines for a few days, maybe weeks.

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this dime piece with you! Super adorable for your summer vacation. You cannot deny how beautiful this complementary “Give Me Lemons” set is. And in case you missed my post on why I love Gianni Bini so much then I encourage you to read it!

I will be honest, I do not recall the last time I purchased a bathing suit that was over $50! If I had to take a wild guess, I think it would be when I was in high school and exclusively shopped at Victoria’s Secret. But my parents would still pay, so yeah, life changes. I stick to Target and other affordable retailers. You with me?

I guess every once in a while, I justify the reason to splurge. In this case, my birthday! Before I made the purchase (or even found what I was looking for), I envisioned my ideal bathing suit. And this was it, to the T. Off-the-shoulder crop top with sleeves around my arms covered in lemons and green leaves. The fact that it fit so well was a huge plus. I felt comfortable being swept away by the waves too; I was confident it was still in tact and did not worry about flashing strangers. The struggle can be real.


Wherever it is that you are traveling to this summer, I wish you a happy, relaxing, and fun vacay! Also, if you shop for the suit, let me know! As always, I love to hear your feedback.

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Yours truly,

Mrs. P


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