Top Five Posts in October 2019

Happy Sunday! Hope you’re having a beautiful day so far. This weather has been lovely to watch from my bed…I’ve been in bed most of the day due to this lingering cold. I am hoping it goes away very soon – specifically by tomorrow, LOL! Anyway, I am so excited to share the top five blog posts from last month…

…it was an exciting one because one of my photos “made it” to Target Style’s Instagram feed. I had no idea what was happening because I was actually on a plane when the photo was reposted. It was a cool experience because they acknowledged my work (I told Jose that photoshoot would be worth it – haha). It was also a special month because I spent a lovely weekend in NYC with my best friend.

As far as house updates, the furnishing piece is still happening. If you’ve been in my shoes before you know it’s no easy task. We’ve been working on it here and there…it’s a little complicated but we are slowly getting there.

Okay, onto the Top Five Posts in October 2019…

  1. Chic Fall Look – I can definitely see why this look was a favorite…it’s super comfy and cute! A couple of things – if your true size is extra small…buy the dress right NOW! It’s on sale for $13…and then it’ll be sold out for good! The white booties are very similar to the ones I bought last year and have awesome reviews. The rose corduroy long sleeve is still in stock and it’s perfect for the season. I can think of so many ways to style it.
  2.  It’s Down Syndrome Awareness Month – In case you don’t know, October is also known for Down Syndrome Awareness. I had the honor of sharing Sonia’s birth story last year. To this day, I strongly believe this story continues to be an empowering one, especially for young mothers who have children diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Sonia is an incredible young lady who pours into her community and gives talks and presentations at the University of North Texas. She is truly amazing and an honor to know personally. If you haven’t read her story, I encourage you to do so!
  3.  Fall Sweater Picks – Adorable sweater picks for the season are shared on this blog post! Plenty are sold out and plenty are still available.
  4.  Profresh Friday Picks – The shirt that “made it”. Good news? It’s on clearance for $21! I am surprised they have all of the sizes available.
  5.  Banana Bread Recipe – You guys know I love (and will share) a yummy recipe. This is it – perfect for the season!

That is a wrap for today! I hope you have a lovely evening!

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