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Sometimes all a girl (or guy) needs is a new workout outfit to get their gym flow going! As previously mentioned on my last post, one of my 2018 goals is to increase my muscle strength. Back in December, I was in a car accident on my way to work. Apparently, the other driver lost control and t-boned my passenger side. Since we were on the highway, driving at speed limit, the impact was pretty strong. I have been going to therapy sessions ever since and learned that much more about my body. Thanks to yoga, my joints are in good shape, however, I am not as strong as I thought I was. The therapy team inspired me to become physically stronger.

On that note, I try to work out at least four times per week. My workout sessions vary dependent upon classes available (and mood). Let’s be honest, sometimes I like to initiate the week with yoga, and the following, I may want to begin with weights.

I was so excited to share the deets on this workout outfit then I come to find out the top is not available online! Huge bummer. I’ll keep checking for it, and if it becomes available, I’ll be sure to link it! It is crazy soft on the inside and super comfortable. At the same time, it’s stylish. The pants are also comfy, rich in color, and have pockets! In case you haven’t read previous posts, I love pockets.

Ps. Shoutout to the caring people who pull over to help those in car accidents. It is a traumatic experience and not in the state of mind to even dial 911. Just know you are angel.


Mrs. P


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