Spring favorites

Today I am sharing a new favorite combo from Target featuring darling spring/summer (s/s) trends…ruffles and gingham! I’d say perfect for the office since it typically stays pretty cool. The Who What Wear brand nails it every time, especially when it comes to profresh (aka professional) attire. What I love most about the pencil midi skirt is that its stylish with the ruffles going across the skirt. I think the only downside is it runs a little big – I purchased a size 2 (my normal size) and it did not fit like I wanted it to.

On the other hand, the long sleeve ruffle sweater was lovely in size, shape, color, and style! Highly recommend it!

Facetune_18-02-2018-17-54-54Facetune_18-02-2018-17-54-21Facetune_18-02-2018-17-56-09 2Facetune_18-02-2018-17-56-24 2Facetune_18-02-2018-17-54-08Facetune_18-02-2018-17-54-42Facetune_18-02-2018-17-56-39Facetune_18-02-2018-17-55-57Speaking of s/s trends, I narrowed it down to my top favorites below! To discover more 2018 trends, check out Harper’s Bazaar latest article!

  1. Pastels
  2. Clear plastic
  3. Ruffles
  4. Mixed patterns
  5. Bold colors
  6. Two-piece sets

Looking forward to sharing more this s/s season! Hope you have an amazing Tuesday!


Mrs. Profresh

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