Profresh Friday Picks

Oh, happy, happy Friday, beautiful! I hope you’re having a FANTASTIC day! Cheers to the beginning of a Christmas-filled weekend. (At least that’s what my world will consist of!) We are heading to Dallas for the weekend to spend time with our loved ones. I cannot wait since it has been a while since I last visited!

Follow along on IG stories for all of the festivities. My plan is to share all the Christmas things to do or see – will follow-up with a blog post too!

Anyway, here are my #profreshfridaypicks for the week…

All of the picks are under $30! For some of the picks, the regular price is under $30, and for other picks, the sale price keeps it under $30. Not too shabby, eh?

  • Pick #1: Um, well hello, almost 50% off. I love a good striped shirt – this is why I picked two. Surprisingly, plenty of sizes are still available! Geesh, and only for $12?!?
  • Pick #2: I looooove this fuzzy color block sweater. Honestly, I thought of Valentine’s Day when I first saw it. Get it while it’s still available.
  • Pick #3: Here’s the other thin crewneck striped shirt I liked a lot too. If you don’t like the turtleneck from pick #1, this is a great alternative!
  • Pick #4: This is a cute crewneck polka dot shirt. It’s great for spring season as we transition to it pretty quickly after the holidays.
  • Pick #5: Adorable turtleneck puff elbow blouse! Don’t feel like trying? This is it. She (the blouse) will help you polish up any look!
  • Pick #6: This baby comes in two colors and I absolutely love it in teal! Too bad it’s only available in two sizes (m and xl).




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