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If you know me, you know I love anything chic, dainty, and beautiful. I believe presentation is key when it comes to a lot of things in my life. I love organizing, creating patterns out of everything and anything. Did I say I love organizing?

If you can relate to displaying everything beautifully, I think you’re going to love this makeup organizer! I’ve been trying and testing this makeup solution for a few months and I couldn’t be more happier with it. Honestly, organizing my bathroom has taken the longest out of everything else in the house. Why? Because I am so particular when it comes to my makeup and skincare routines.

I love to create systems that are efficient, clean, and to the point. (I appreciate the fluff when I purposely create enough time for the extra stuff, however, that’s not always the case.)

When I came across this makeup organizer, I knew it was it. But first, I needed to try it a few months to ensure I was right.


I love this makeup organizer because I can easily add another tray, if needed. They stack nicely and perfectly right on top of each other (aka stackers) so it creates a nice, clean look in my bathroom cabinet as well. Not to mention, the stackers are easy to wipe since they’re conveniently made of glass. They’re not as heavy as they look either. I take this baby out and put it back where it belongs every single day without hesitation. And let’s say I wanted to leave it out, it doesn’t look ugly on the bathroom countertop either. It’s white so it blends in perfectly with my bathroom aesthetic.


Take advantage while they’re 20% off!

If you have any questions about this makeup organizer, please don’t hesitate in reaching out via Instagram or by emailing me at I would be more than happy to answer any questions! I plan to share more about it through IG stories tomorrow morning so stay tuned for that.

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