Mrsprofresh Life Update

Happy, happy hump day! I hope you had a wonderful day! It was a busy day today, honestly, I felt a little frustrated towards the end. Just exhausted, frustrated, you know how babies get when they’re sleepy/fussy? Yep, that’s how I felt. I could have gone to bed at 6 p.m., without eating dinner, and I would have been totally fine with that.

Howeverrrrrrr –

I couldn’t do that because I have responsibilities (just like every adult on this planet, lol). Such as cook dinner, clean the kitchen, shower, etc., and to treat myself, gave myself a quick manicure! I LOVE IT!!! I love having baby pink (aka barbie pink) nails and I am so proud for painting my nails without making a huge mess – haha I suck at my painting my nails, and yes, I usually end up messing up something.

Anyway, earlier today I realized I have ONE more day to fulfill my 30-day challenge!!! (My birthday is also one month away!) April was the month to publish a blog post every single day (day 1 linked here) and I cannot believe it’s almost over! I am bringing this challenge to a full circle by ending on this note: This too shall pass. (I am saving my last day, which is tomorrow, to share details about my giveaway.) Everything happening in the world right now will pass. This pandemic is not here to stay forever.

If you go back and read day 1 of this challenge, you’ll find my notes from a podcast episode from the Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis. She interviewed David Bach, a financial expert, who is living in Italy through this pandemic, and gave his two cents regarding how to navigate through this difficult time. I highly recommend to listen to the full podcast if you are still having a hard time adjusting to this new reality. Rachel has been extremely good about keeping her community uplifted by giving tips on how to capitalize on this time, giving advice to business owners, challenging people to improve themselves, and so much more.

My hope for you is to continue to rise above. Always be on the pursuit of your highest self. Never settle and always seek greatness even when everything around you seems to go wrong. As we know, life is way too short to live an unhappy and unsatisfied life. Look within and figure out what sparks pure joy. Figure out what brings out the very best in you. Work towards becoming the best version of yourself. We are all in this together. Everyone is trying to figure it out, including myself. I am right there with you.

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