Just another life update

Holy smokes, what a week and it isn’t even over! I thought I was going to be able to focus on getting well this week but work has been a little cray. My body is not recovering fast enough so I am counting down until the weekend so I can rest and pamper myself with a facial. I am actually on my way to get a massage tonight so that’ll be nice. I cannot believe that tomorrow will be one week since I’ve been sick!

On top of this, I am obviously trying to keep up with the blog by posting regularly, troubleshooting, sharing on IG stories, etc. It can get a little overwhelming because I run my website and everything else related to the blog. Earlier this week, I spent about three hours trying to figure out what’s going on with one of my widgets not displaying correctly and then downloading a new one compatible with my website. It’s a process, lol! Miraculously, I always get it done. I haven’t had the need to pay anyone just yet. Anyway, not going to bore you with that stuff.

I think I am just going to begin sharing random “life updates” – aka life rants! Just kidding…but seriously…I want to keep you in the loop of what’s happening in my life so I think raw and (mostly) unedited blog posts will do for now. This, of course, may change in the future but I will cross that bridge later.

In case you don’t know, I started a new job in Houston not too long ago so I am trying to get in the swing of things. It’s been a little hectic since I started but that’s just the way it normally is when you start a new job. I am trying to figure out how to “balance” all of my roles as a wife, daughter, sister, friend, colleague, etc. – probably like the most of you. I am in constant awe of working mothers who do this day in and day out. Like how do you do it? It’s overwhelming just thinking about it. I am sure everything falls into place, and at the end of the day, the important things are taken care of. (At least that’s my hope!) I know I’ve had to let go of “unimportant” things in order to get the important ones complete. For example, I used to cook dinner almost every day. However, I’ve had to rely on Freebirds or Chipotle…or Jose lately. I also loved grocery shopping once upon a time and now that’s out the window, haha! Ahhh…I guess I am in a different season for a while. I know things will eventually “slow” down to some degree and I will eventually regain control.

The things I am holding on to are: my sanity, the gym, music, journaling, and a few others important for my soul. As a matter of fact, yesterday I purchased the SWEAT app so I can really stay on top my workouts. I had no idea the app would charge for the whole year ($140), I thought it was going to charge month-to-month but whatever. I heard it from Jose later. It was actually really funny this morning when he was trying to wake me up to get ready for the gym, “That app isn’t going to pay for itself,” I think were his words. And because I did pay for it, it’s even more motivating to get up and go to the gym! LOL! Anyway, I should actually take a before picture and share my progress with you. I definitely don’t consider myself an expert when it comes to fitness; I don’t think I am the most qualified person in the room to give advice. BUT I can share my personal fitness journey and tell you what’s working or isn’t working.

As far as blog updates – over the next few weeks, you’ll see more gift guides available. In fact, you’ll find these under a new “holiday” section. You can find it under the dropdown menu on my home page. I would love to begin try on hauls again too…I’ll most likely sneak one in this weekend and share my findings via IG stories. I am also going to shoot a bunch of home content so I can begin sharing my finds. I am so sorry for not doing this sooner, but honestly, I like to give myself time before sharing my opinion. We’ve had enough time with a few finds to finally share what I think so I’ll be rolling those out this month. I think some of these will even be on sale for Black Friday so it’ll be perfect! Speaking of, I’ll be looking out for Black Friday deals and share with you. In the past, I’ve found that if you’re looking for a specific item you actually NEED, it is the perfect time to hunt it down and check if it’ll be on sale. If it’s a dramatic drop in price, it’s worth the sacrifice. Otherwise, you are better off shopping on Cyber Monday from the comfort of your bed. Last year, we participated in the madness of Black Friday and found awesome deals on our coats for a few trips. We had no regrets. This year, we don’t plan on participating in the madness, but if that changes, I’ll let ya know!

Alright, well I got some things off my chest, haha. I am hoping this is a good way we stay connected. I will do follow-up questions and polls through IG stories to get your input on some of these ideas. I am excited for the holiday content! If anyone knows me, Christmas is a top favorite holiday in my book. I love love love Christmas.

Well, I hope you have a beautiful evening! If there’s anything you’d like to see more of this holiday season, shoot me a message!

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