Houston Museum District Guide

If you google, “Free museums in Houston”, you’ll find many articles to choose from. I clicked through a few to ensure the information was consistent – and it was. I also went through each of the museum’s website to confirm everything coincided. And although you could just google and find out which museums are free, I still want to create a personalized guide for my audience.

I am a nerd for art. I love learning and immersing myself in the abstract. This is why I am committed to visiting all museums with free admission throughout the month of March. I will be updating this guide with brief summaries (and cool photos) as I visit each one so bear with me as this guide continues to develop.

For now, the below listed museums are always free during regular business hours:


The below museums have specific free times with general admission only on Thursday’s:

Finally, the below museums have other free days/times:

I will be sharing a bit from each visit on IG stories and will create a new highlight called Museums. Thank you so much for reading – please share with someone who will dig this list of free museums.



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