Easy Holiday Decoration Hack

This one is for all of my DIY-ers. One of the things I try to do around the holiday season is create pieces that will easily transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Thanksgiving is literally around the corner – three weeks to be exact. If you have yet to decorate for the season, or you are hosting this year, I have found the perfect items to create a simple yet elegant holiday decoration piece.

I always say less is more – of course when it is convenient, haha! Anyway, this minimalistic decoration idea will brighten up any room for the holidays. I’ve created a fall themed decoration piece but will easily transition it to Christmas as soon as Thanksgiving is over.

IMG_9873_Facetune_07-11-2019-21-52-29.jpgGreen Garland | Gold Garland | Pumpkin

All of the pieces in the photo above are sold separately. I found the items throughout the store and created what you see in the photo. I did this by finding the green garland first then searched for a gold and delicate garland so I could intertwine both pieces to make it look like one piece. Complete the garland by adding fall decorations of your choice, and once Thanksgiving wraps up, remove the fall decor and add Christmas decor. So easy!

You can obviously place the garland anywhere you want. It would go perfect on top of the mantel or as a centerpiece for the dining table. I chose to use it as decoration for a dessert table. I added glass candleholders and pumpkin colored candles to be a little more festive. The candles were a nice and soft touch, especially when they were lit. I will most likely switch to forest green candles once the Christmas decor is up!


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