Day 26: Kitchen Drawer Organizers

Ok, ok, last blog post on this organizing tangent I’m apparently on, lol! (At least for a while…sooooo….yeah….I hope you’re loving these organizing tips because there’s more coming later, haha!)

When I discovered these bamboo drawer organizers, I was shook. Seriously amazed at how perfectly they fit and how well they blended with the drawers in our home. (I mean, I guess it’s their job to satisfy us crazies in this manner, right?!?)


I loved the first bamboo organizer so much, I went and purchased a few more! I have two in the main drawers in the kitchen and purchased individual small ones for our miscellaneous drawer. They’re perfect.


My favorite thing about these organizers is that they’re adjustable. You can adjust based on the width of your drawers and utensils – super convenient!


As I’ve been doing lately, I will also be sharing these through IG stories. I am going to pin all of these organizers in my Instagram highlights so they’re handy for anyone who is looking to organize their kitchen drawer sometime in the future.

If you have any questions, please never hesitate on reaching out via Instagram or by email at You can always comment below too and I will answer pretty quickly.


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