Cute Floral Pants – Perfect for Spring or Summer

Today, on, I am sharing cute floral pants – perfect for spring or summer.

What is your ideal place to rock floral pants, large floppy hats, oversized sunglasses, and long flowy dresses to? Mine is the Wine Country! I was there for my best friend’s bachelorette party in early February and it was a trip to remember. The mornings were crisp, the sunshine was warm, the wine was exquisite, and most importantly, the company was wonderful.

I am sharing what I wore on the day we visited wineries. My main goal was to dress comfortably since we would be doing wine tours (aka walking a lot) and did not know how much walking was involved. I ended up going with a wide-legged floral pant, lightweight lace blouse, and chunky boots.

If you love this look, you can achieve it by shopping the links below! I bought the shirt a few years ago so I found a similar style on sale! It is so adorable, I may order it for myself.

Lace Blouse – click here to shop

Floral Pants – click here to shop

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