Cozy sweater for the win

Sharing a warm and cozy sweater that comes in several pretty pastel colors and most of the colors are currently on sale for $21 until Saturday!

This is my favorite time of the year, the first reason is because Christmas is around the corner, and the second is, I love “cold” weather. So easy for someone from the south to say, I feel it for my friends in the north right now, especially with Caleb taking away their power. This is definitely one of the top reasons I love Houston. We really don’t experience the icy/snowy weather. I know it looks pretty in photos or videos but thinking about dealing with it on the daily is already annoying – haha!

That being said, this cozy sweater has been keeping me warm these days. I love it so much I bought it in two colors (tan and pink). It also comes in teal, gray, and cream. Size up if you want extra room – other than that, fits perfectly! Style it with your favorite jeans and converse on the weekend or your favorite skinny pants with heels to the office!


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