Bowtie Shift Dress

Ohhh hiiii there, beautiful! I hope you’re having a great evening! I wrapped up dinner not long ago and cleaned my kitchen (yes – I cooked tonight) and now I am off to working on the blog. Having said that, I am sharing today’s #ootd (more on IG stories) and sharing one more gift guide for Valentine’s Day.

I have been looking forward to sharing this little number ever since I bought it. It’s an adorable black shift dress with baby blue polka dots. The sleeves are 3/4 and the ruffles at the hem make a nice feminine touch. I am comfortable with the length – ideal for work or the weekend. And it fits true to size (wearing the xs).

IMG_2781_Facetune_11-02-2020-14-18-57IMG_2766_Facetune_11-02-2020-14-26-50IMG_2783_Facetune_11-02-2020-14-22-23IMG_2760_Facetune_11-02-2020-14-24-35IMG_2786_Facetune_11-02-2020-14-18-02IMG_2749_Facetune_11-02-2020-14-16-53IMG_2765_Facetune_11-02-2020-14-21-02IMG_2774_Facetune_11-02-2020-14-20-19IMG_2754_Facetune_11-02-2020-14-15-18IMG_2751_Facetune_11-02-2020-14-13-56IMG_2746_Facetune_11-02-2020-14-13-21IMG_2750_Facetune_11-02-2020-14-12-46IMG_2744_Facetune_11-02-2020-14-10-31IMG_2745_Facetune_11-02-2020-14-11-50IMG_2779_Facetune_11-02-2020-14-28-11IMG_2772_Facetune_11-02-2020-14-29-03IMG_2756_Facetune_11-02-2020-14-30-05IMG_2755_Facetune_11-02-2020-14-30-52IMG_2748_Facetune_11-02-2020-14-31-34IMG_2747_Facetune_11-02-2020-14-32-10Dress | Shoes

It’s the perfect dress for spring/summer! If you have questions about it, just shoot me a message through IG.

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