Black Floral Dress

Here is to all the floral patterned dresses I’ll be wearing all summer long! I am digging everything about the latest one added to my wardrobe – fit, style, length, and fabric quality! It’s suitable for the office, happy hours, birthday dinners, church, and even date nights! Jazz it up (or down) with a cute pair of heels, sandals, or wedges!


This spring/summer, I went a little crazy (or “maddman”) over shoes. My birthday month definitely influenced my decision to go a little cray. It’s normally the time of year I give myself an excuse to shop and revamp the closet space. What I love about the three new pairs of kicks is they are all super comfortable and stylish. Each pair was thoughtfully bought for different types of occasions such as weddings, vacations, or nights out on the town! Love them all so much that I decided to style each pair with the black floral wrap dress! And guess what?!? I think they all look great paired with it! Keep scrolling down and look for yourself!

The Profresh Look

Initially, I bought the shoes (pictured below) to wear to my sister’s wedding. I was determined on finding a nude shoe, comfortable enough to wear 8+ hours. To date, it is my favorite shoe. This is a type of shoe that I would purchase over and over again. It goes with everything! The best way to describe the comfort is it truly feels like you are walking barefoot!

And they cost less than $50! Someone pinch me.


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Keep it Casual

I like to keep things casual every once in a while. But when I do, I do not compromise the stylish factor. That part is non-negotiable. What I appreciate most about this sandal is the contrast between my skin color and color of the leather. I don’t think I’d wear this particular look to an office setting but I could see myself rocking it to brunch with the girls! I may have to purchase the leopard print sandal too! Yes or yes?!?


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Spice it up

You can spice it up a little with this platform shoe! I am so into the “champagne leather” straps and height. This shoe has saved every single weekend outfit. I am not kidding when I say I’ve worn this shoe pretty much every weekend since May. My sister calls it the “brat shoe” – cute, eh? Fits true to size and vibes well with the white nail polish on my toes!

IMG_4085 2IMG_4107 2IMG_4066 2

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If you clicked on the shoe links, you may have realized they are all by the same designer, Steve Madden. I am a huge fan of his shoes, they speak to the soul. If you haven’t watched Netflix documentary, Maddman: The Steve Madden Story, then you are missing out on a helluva story! Before watching the documentary, the only thing I knew about Steve was that he is a brilliant designer. Not only in women’s shoes but in men’s too. Little did I know I would learn about his alcohol addiction; it was interesting to learn about the highs and lows of his life and business. Quite the inspiration because of where he is now.

Well, that is it for today! I hope you took away a little fashion inspo, and if you decide to purchase any of the items, I’d love to hear your feedback!

Now go do amazing things!


Mrs. Profresh



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