5 Tips for Organizing Your Closet

At least twice a year, I fill up bags with unused or unwanted clothes, shoes, and accessories, to either sell or donate. The first time usually occurs around the summer months and the second time occurs right before the year ends. I think my organizational skills are decent but could be better. To improve in this area, I ordered “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. According to book reviews, my life is about to change for the better – and I am ALL in. I am confident this book will take my organizational skills to the next level, but before that takes place, I thought it would be nice to document my current ideas of what I believe creates an organized closet.

Before diving into the 5 tips for organizing your closet, let me be real with you real quick about a few things I realized after my last purge. Firstly, cleaning out a closet is NOT an easy task. It is a workout in itself. I was not sweating profusely but close enough. Secondly, this activity requires patience. A lot of patience. I was not frustrated throughout the process, in fact, some of the work rolled over to the next day so just be mentally prepared for the unplanned or unexpected. It also depends on how much is kept in your closet. Lastly, cleaning and organizing a closet is a work in progress. It may not be perfect the first (or second) time, but as time goes by, and you stick to an annual schedule, I think you will find yourself improving each time.

Tip #1:

Set a schedule for the year, be realistic, and hold yourself accountable. This is where it all begins – basic principles. For example, my schedule is to do two clean-outs every year – once in the summer and once in the winter. It sounds simple (and it is) but it takes discipline. If you have a family, let them in on the schedule too. Aren’t kids out for summer and winter breaks anyway? Perfect family activity. Just kidding…but seriously.

Tip #2:

Begin by categorizing your closet based on your current lifestyle. You can do this by either physically or mentally labeling each section, rack, shelve, etc. This will help you plan outfits in a productive and efficient manner. Not to mention, your closet should remain organized until your next scheduled clean-out. Again, it takes discipline but it is doable. Ah yes, I almost forgot to mention, the next clean-out will be much easier to push through because you will be able to clean-out in sections/categories and feel less overwhelmed.

Tip #3:

Keep a bag in your closet that stands out as the “giveaway” bag. If I am not mistaken, this tip is mentioned in Marie Kondo’s book. I’ll let you know once I read it.

Tip #4:

Organize the every day essentials in an easy to reach (aka visible) location. It is an amazing feeling to know exactly what you need and when you need it. This is a quick example of a sock drawer in our home. Can you believe it has stayed this way since we moved in over a year ago?!? EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

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Tip #5:

Use the necessary tools to help with organizing specific items. For example, installing hooks for belts, purses, scarves, etc.

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I hope these 5 tips for organizing your closet stick with you during your next closet purge. It is nice getting away from unnecessary accumulation. Stay tuned for more tips as I read Marie Kondo’s book.

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you found this information useful. If you did, please share and spread the word. You never know if someone close to you is in need of the same information 🙂

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