Ladies, it is finally here…a section of my blog dedicated to young women trying to make a name for themselves! I’ve been looking forward to this day ever since the idea sprouted. It is my goal to create a community of young women going from college to the so-called “real world” – because let’s face it, it can be tough out here!Β And don’t you think life seems a bit easier when you are surrounded by a group of elevated individuals who are able to relate to what you’re going through?

So if you are a girly in college and about to graduate, or you’ve just entered the workforce, I think you’ll benefit most from these posts. Also, there is Facebook group you can join to have actual conversations with girls on a similar path as you!

The month of September is known as National Self-Care Awareness Month and Self-Improvement Month. So I thought it would be perfect to share information regarding these subjects over the next few weeks. The goal is provide ideas, thoughts, and ways to #treatyoself and #developyourself.

I encourage you to join the FB group and participate in the #profreshmovement. It’s going to be a fun ride!!! Thank you for supporting, I truly appreciate it.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Profresh


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